Sunday, December 13, 2009

APS School Board's New Policies

APS Board is beginning to develop top down management rules that are one size fits all. Management would love our children to fit is little square holes that give them no room to develop individual abilities to take responsible for their own actions. They done want our children to question authority in any form.

Prime examples of these new policies are their new policies on parent-teacher conferences and cell phone usage. Both new policies were developed with little to no parent, student, or teacher input. Students are not treated as individuals with individual abilities to take responsible and in some cases these new policies show not desire to take into account either the individual needs of special needs students or poor performing students.

You would think that common sense would tell the school board that a partnership between parents, teachers, and students would be the best approach for developing a successful and rewarding term but when you place individuals in control who have a autocratic management style then the end result is to teach our children not to question blanket rules that unfairly target individuals who have not misused a system.

Conferences which exclude teachers fails to develop strong bonds between parents and teachers therefore opening the door to behaviors that require more strict control from top management. Businesses do not want employees that fail to think for themselves and show the ability to take responsibilities for their own behaviors while on the job. We do not want to force our children into a place where they need someone to control their every behavior. This type of micromanagement does not encourage independent thinkers.