Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Is A Contract a Contract

You have to hand it to Ex-Mayor Martin Chavez because as an inactive lawyer he knew that a contract would be legally binding even on Mayor Berry. Marty used contracts to protect a limited number of supporters because he knew that Berry would go after their jobs with a ax if given the chance. Berry ran on the issue of getting rid of Martin Chavez’s rather large administration. What he did not say was that he would replace it with his own which would be paid for with taxpayer service fees on such items as water and sewer.

I have to wonder exactly how hard city unions want to push this matter when their contracts could be next on the chopping block if Berry can find away to get around a contract signed by Chavez. This does raise an interesting issue. Can one mayor sign a contract that runs into another mayor’s term and if not then how can unions sign long term contracts? Should elected officials be allowed to enter into long term contract with city employees that ensure a salary level for them? Where exactly does city council fit into this picture?

Berry who is now looking at red light cameras may be looking at raising the cost of other city service fees so as to pay for his cuts that would only benefit republicans in the northeast heights part of the city. When Berry ran on cutting city cost he did not bother to explain to voters that he would also raise cost to middle class city residents.

Why is Darren White expressing any type of view publicly when it comes to city employee's salaries? Who died and made him mayor? God help us all!