Thursday, December 17, 2009

Healthcare Bill at All Cost—Why?

Sell out a woman’s right to choice, Sell out the Middle Class to healthcare they cannot afford, Sell out Democratic Leaders by publicly attacking them for standing up for the American people. Where will this president and his administration stop? Does he even care any longer?

The American people do not want a healthcare bill at all cost because they cannot afford it. The 30,000 feet the president talks about has gone to his head because he does not care what the voters want any longer. There is no way he can sell this monstrosity of a give away to the insurance industry as being good for the American people or as it being reform in any manner.

This will harm U.S. Senators for years to come if it passes because of their willingness to sell out and take blood money from the insurance industry in the process.

Someone needs desperately to sit down with the president and calm him down before he makes a mistake that could harm himself and the Democratic Party for years to come. We want real healthcare reform and are willing to take the time in order to get it done right the first time around. Stilling Christmas from 30 million Americans by selling them out to the insurance industry is no Christmas present to the people who elected him president in the first place.