Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wall Street vs. Main Street

This week President Obama will meet with Wall Street CEOs and large companies to work on job growth. The economic crisis for Wall Street is over but the crisis for Main Street has not been delta with in the last year by this new administration.

We are facing record numbers of unemployed workers which puts stress on local and state government. States are facing budget cuts brought on by weak job numbers and yet large corporations are seeing large profits return.

These profits are at the cost of job cuts which have put Americans on the unemployment lines in record numbers. America voters are beginning to ask where is the benefit from bailing out Wall Street if they cannot put food on the table or even have a home in which to have a table.

Washington is living in a bubble where they don’t care about Main Street American Voters. The President is hosting state parties which are restricted to VIPs while Americans are struggling to put food on the table. Since when is it time to throw parties while Americans are facing difficult economic times and who bloody cares what social light crashed his last party? Why is Washington holding hearings on this when far more important issues are facing the American public?