Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Big Announcement Coming From Brian Colón

Monday August 31

The party of the year will draw well over 200 people for an announcement that more then likely half the state has been waiting for to become official. Brian Colón will make it official on Monday that he is running for Lt. Governor. Anybody who is anybody in the Democratic Party will be looking to be seen at this party.

Brian Colón is a gifted hard worker for the party and will make our state proud to call him Lt. Governor in 2010.

While the field is crowed no other individual has the gift of skill and responsible that Brian Colón has shown over the past few years as chairman of the State Democratic Party. We know that more then a few of the other candidates are skilled and good people and no one wants to hurt feelings but we will need the strongest ticket in 2010 to run against the Republican Party.

So show up with check book in hand and give this state a bluer then blue ticket for the 2010 elections!

Kick-Off Fundraiser & Celebration

Monday, August 31st

Hotel Albuquerque
800 Rio Grande Blvd. NW

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