Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pancakes and Politics with Attorney General Gary King

Yesterday morning at Nick’s Café on the corner of Central and 4th street the Democratic Party of Bernalillo Country had it Pancakes and Politics breakfast. The guest speaker was Attorney General Gary King. I find it interesting that Gary King truly cares so much for his current position that he has said that he will stay in that position for another term if the voters will permit it.

His two major announcements were that he will appeal the decision on non-profits when it comes to disclosing their donor lists if they take part in political education when it comes to candidates running for election. Big surprise, not to any active democrat who has spoken to the attorney general in the last few months. His other announcement, one that most parents would find far more important, is that of a new program to educate them on internet dangers for their children.

Javier Gonzales who is running for State Party Chairman of the Democratic Party was there to met and greet local democrats. Javier is living in Santa Fe and wants to reach out to activities here in Bernalillo County. He is happy to speak with anyone who is interested in getting to know him and his views on politics. He has stated that he supports the public healthcare option and Santa Fe has passed wording in their platform to support the public healthcare option. Javier has a suggestion that maybe next time we could have burritos for breakfast. “Burritos and Politics!” We should invite one of our many local Hispanic leaders for that breakfast. Sounds good to me Javier bring on the Hatch Green Chilie!

Judge Maria Dominguez who is a metro court judge was there to represent the court system. No event in this city is complete without one of our many caring and competent local judges showing up with their family to give support and encouragement to the local community