Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Interview with District 17 State Senator Tim Keller

Senator Keller represents New Mexico State Senate District 17. Once called the “War Zone” due to its high crime rates and lack of community involvement the residents with the help and support of Senator Keller have renamed it the International District. Senator Keller is a 31 year old single man who has traveled much of the world and worked in some of the most poorest countries in the world.

While he is at present single the senator is looking for the right woman to settle down with and start a family of his own in the same area that he and his two older brothers grew up in. His mother is a former kindergarten teacher who put aside her own career to raise three sons and his father worked in the trades as a union member. Senator Keller brothers have four children, three boys and a girl and Senator Keller knows through them how important public education is in this state. He also told me that when he manages to find that special someone that he will want an educational system which will support a good education for his own future children.

Senator Keller’s own education included both the College of Notre Dame and Harvard University where he got his masters in business administration. Senator Keller said that he was a B students but his life experience with working with the poor in other countries was what made him special enough to get into Harvard University in the first place.

It was a college organization that first got Senator Keller interested in developing small businesses in underdeveloped countries. Now he is home to put down roots and help neighborhoods in his own senate district to develop businesses that can thrive in difficult economic times. At present Senator Keller is working with community leaders and the University of New Mexico to come up with a redevelopment plan for his district that would encourage more small business in the International District and the growth of those already in the area.

Senator Keller’s work experience includes working for Honeywell in Russia where he sold large industrial air conditioners and also running his own start up company which developed 500 plus jobs for land mine victims in Cambodia. While in Cambodia Senator Keller taught a class in business and now he has expressed a desire to teach more business classes on a part time bases right here in Albuquerque. Most likely this comes from knowing the value of a good education when it comes to job growth and development.

Senator Keller is a young driven man who wants to change the world and make it a better place in the future for his family and the families of the people he represents in the International District and New Mexico. His voting record is more then a little to the left of center but he started out a republican because that was what his mother was however after going to college and working with the poor he grew to view the world in the same way as democrats in this state and changed his registration once he settled back into his home town.

Senator Keller is a state senator worth watching in the future to see where he wants to move state government. He is still building trust and local connections and has a long road ahead of him and as anyone who has been around for awhile can tell him there are many pitfalls on the road of politics in the State of New Mexico.