Monday, August 31, 2009

The Fleecing of New Mexican Taxpayers

We cannot afford to pay our educators more this year and we are looking at major budget cuts that could harm our educational system so why on earth are we paying for toys for school administration? This was installed in the Smith-Brasher Hall building on Central New Mexico Community College right next to a water fountain.

When I checked the website they would not give a price but requested that you apply for a quote. I have nothing against this company but feel that under our current economic situation these types of items should not be purchased with taxpayer's dollars. If someone does not want to drink from the fountain then they can buy bottled water or sodia but why on earth should taxpayers be footing the bill for it?

I do understand that the filtered water which comes from this toy taste a lot better then the water from the fountain which is not even two feet a way from it.