Thursday, August 20, 2009

Visit to Judge Beatrice Brickhouse’s Courtroom

Today was the first of four visits to new judges courtrooms to see what their styles are in their courtrooms. Judges see their work as just that work and for the most part nothing unusual occurs in a courtroom but watching the real thing rather then what most people see on television does give you insight into life’s little lessons. Real courtroom coverage does not occur in this state but maybe it would reduce the case load of current judges if it did occur.

Courtroom cases come from people learning the hard way something that others might see as common senses. It is not just the undereducated that end up in a courtroom but rather people who make the mistake of not following due caution especially in civil cases.

Judge Brickhouse is a new judge on the bench but that does not take away from her ability to do a good job. She knows the case law well and is well prepared when in the courtroom. She is attentive, respectful, and polite to both sides. She does not waste time and is clear on her instructions to both sides of the issue. All in all she appears liked by lawyers, litigants and jurors.

The case Judge Brickhouse was hearing today was one that resulted from a person trying to deal with the disposal of a family estate. One should always have items apprised by someone who will not be involved in the selling or purchase of estate items. Arms length is always a good rule to follow when selling items. The common sense rule is trust but verify.

It is not unreasonable to encourage everyone to take part as a citizen in this country to at least one court case so that they have a better understanding of basic courtroom law. The glamour of courtroom cases on television in someways does not begin to match the real world drama of our local courtrooms and people should be introduces to cases so that they make better personal decision so as to avoid being a litigant in their own life.